Home Feng Shui tips: The things you should not put at home

Everyone has more or less collectors. Although most of people like beautiful and lovely things, some people collect special things for one or another reason. Not every collector has strong Feng Shui function. However, somethings bring strong evil Qi. Man should have a general overview about the things.

1. Ugly and fierce figures
Every image we see is the energy of the thing presented in our eyes. Ugly or fierce figures bring negative energy to man's own energy field and can hurt man's physical and psychological health.

2. Weapon
It is easy to understand that weapon carries fierce energy. Statistics show also that it is easier for the people who have weapon at home to experience violence, whatever the owners use the weapon for attacking or defending. Some people like to collect old and useless weapons, but these weapons might have collected enough violent energy with themselves, and bring violence to the owners.

3. Stone
According to Yin Yang theories, stones belong to Yin material which has much negative energy with them.

4. The old things which you don't know about their histories
Many people like to collect antiques. Antiques can be very valueable with time going by. However, some antiques were funeral objects burried with dead people. These things can carry much harmful energy. Man should not store funeral objects at home.

5. Hair
It is not unusual that we find figures with true hair in the market. Many of the products are very charming. Some of them are even very delicate. However, if you don't know where the hair of the figures come from, you should not bring the figures back to your home. If the hairs are taken from dead people, they carry negative and evil energy with them.