Peach bloom locations of the last part of 2017

The peach bloom location of the last half part of 2017
Peach bloom locations impact one's love luck. If you want to get good love luck, you should decorate the peach bloom locations at home properly. Peach bloom locations move with time going by. The peach bloom location of the last half part of 2017 is the southeast direction of your home. You can put your bed or dressing table on the direction to enforce your love magnetic field, so that you can attract more opportunities to get knowing interesting persons. This strategy can also increase your self-confidence and personal charm.

If you have already partner, you can put something which memorizes you about your love in the direction. Such things can be your double picture, your marriage certificate, etc. On another side, if you put your bed in the direction, the chance you get pregnant this year is higher.

The peach bloom locations of the months in the last half part of 2017
Every month has its' peach bloom location. The month nummbers listed under are lunar month nummber.
1. July: southwest
2. August: south
3. September: southeast
4. October: northeast
5. November: northwest
6. Dcember: southwest