Simple Feng Shui strategies for getting avoid of small persons

A pretended friend is more dangerous than an enemy. It is easy to avoid visible attack, but it is difficult to avoid invisible attack. There are many small persons in the real life. Everyone has once or more hurt by small persons. The following Feng Shui tips can decrease the chances you are villified by slanders.

1. Hiding scissors and knives
Scissors and knivies should not be visible when you don't use them. Sharp things carry evil energy and damage the good magnetic field which can protect you from hiden evil power.

2. Putting the telefon on the left side
Telephone ring carries impleasant energy. We should put the telephone on the left side, because White tiger position should be clean and comfortable to maintain the magnetic field protecting us.

3. Putting the alarm on the left side
Many people put alarm in the bedroom. If the alarm is not on the left side of you when you lie in the bed, you should change its' location. The reason is just as same as point 2.

4. Avoid putting dolls and small figures of persons at home
Dolls and other decorations in form of person enforce magnetic field of small persons around you, so you should avoid them. You can put them in children rooms or just clean them away.