The Feng Shui which are not good for the wealth luck of an enterprise

The layout of the offices in an enterprise plays important role to the wealth lucks of the enterprise and the staff, because the lucks of an enterprise and its staff are interactive at certain degree. Whether you are looking for cooperative partner or job, you should observe the layout of the offices in the enterprise, and use it as a reference to making decision.

1. There are too many doors in the enterprise
Some enterprises let many people share big offices. To be convient, they open many doors to the offices. Such layout causes the magnetic fields in the offices unstable. Sitting in such an environment for a long time, man becomes irritable, stressful and anxious. These mental states are harmful for both the enterprise and the staff.

2. The offices are too dark
An office should be light, otherwise it is easy for the staff in the office become depressive. In contrast, if the office is light enough, the staff become energic and positive. However, too much light does also harm.

3. Seats face directly opposite to doors or there are no dependence behind the seats
With either of the two Feng Shui, the persons using the seats can get concentration and anxiety problems. Their working performances must be affected. Naturally, these Feng Shui are also health dangerous.

4. The surrounding environment of the enterprise is not good
If beside the enterprise there is building which is much higher than the enterprise, especially if the building is on the right to the enterprise, it is difficult for the enterprise to develop. In practice, the enterprise meets various problems, such as hard competition, bad relationship among the staff, finance problem, etc. all the time.

5. Various "confronting"
Confronting is a Feng Shui taboo for business, whatever kind the confronting is. The most usual confrontings to an enterprise are the roach back of a road facing the building, sharp things pointing to the building, and the port of the enterprise facing rightly the entrance of another building.

6. The buidling is close to a big competitor
If there is a competitor nearby and the competitor is bigger, the competitor surpresses the energy magnetic field of the enterprise. Therefore, it is not good for the development of the enterprise.