Where is the fixed wealth location of Feng Shui at home?

A home has always two or more wealth locations. One is the fixed wealth location, another is the fleeting wealth location, which is different from year to year according to the astrology of that year. Every home has the two wealth locations. Some homes have additional wealth locations created through Feng Shui design.

The fixed wealth location is the northwest direction of home. The decoration/design on the wealth locations are very important for the wealth luck of the household. The fixed wealth loction is easy to find. Learning the following Feng Shui tips about the fixed wealth location, you can improve your wealth luck immediately.

1. No door on the direction
If there is door on the direction, wealth luck can't be stored at home.

2. No bathroom/toilet on the direction
Wealth location must be clean. Bathroom/toilet is dirty, so damages the wealth luck.

3. No air condition
Air currency is not good for accumulation of wealth luck.

4. No fish
In Feng Shui, fishes often represent good wealth luck. But putting fish on northwest direction at home damages only good wealth Feng Shui.

5. No image of waterfall
Water promotes wealth luck. However, waterfall represents also fast and strong power, which washes away wealth luck.

6. Not empty
There must be something on the direction. If it is empty, the wealth luck becomes also empty.