Black cat Feng Shui

In old western tradition, black cats were thought as inauspicious. People believed black cats, especially on Friday, could bring evil lucks. However, in Chinese tradition people think black cat can help to defuse bad lucks in certain situation.

Chinese think that a strange black cat visitting suddently can damage the wealth luck of the household, therefore is not welcome. On another side, a black cat the household raises and owns can bring good lucks if the five-character of the cat and the five-characters of the members of the household is compatible.

The five-character of a black cat is wood. It is compatible with the persons who are short of wood in their birthtimes, and the persons who are born in winter and are short of fire in their birthtimes. Normally, the mentioned people like congenitally black cat.

It is difficult that the five-character of a black cat is compatible with all the members of a household. It can be complicate to find out if a family should raise a black cat. If a family member doesn't like black cat, his/her birthtime probably is not compatible with a black cat. For showing respect to him/her, it is suggested that the family members liking black cat wear decoration with black cat figure instead of having a real black cat at home.