Feng Shui bathroom colors

Many people think bathroom is small and people spend only little time in it, so Fengshui of bathroom is not important. In fact, bathroom is the place most easily stores Yin energy in a house/apartment, so bathroom Fengshui is very important. Bathroom color is the key part of bathroom Fengshui.

Man should avoid use the colors with Yin character in his/her bathroom, because it increases Yin energy. Such a bathroom attracks the things, such as mildew and cockroach, which like Yin environment. They are normally evil or harmful. Blue, green and dark colors are Yin colors.

In addition, man should avoid colors with water as their five-characters, because the five-character of bathroom is water. Water plusing water promotes only the Yin energy in the bathroom. However, sometimes Feng Shui professional use "water plusing water" as a method to defuse the over strong Yang energy in a house/apartment. Unprofessional people should be careful about applying the method. The colors with water as the five-character are black, blue and grey.

The colors in a bathroom should be light. Warm but not too dark colors, such as light yellow and light brown, can be also good choices.