Feng Shui bedroom mirror

Many people use their bedrooms also as dressrooms, so they put mirrors in the bedrooms. However, mirrors are Yin material, man should especially careful when putting them in bedroom. Yin material can comperatively easily cause mood problems. Man should follow the following Feng Shui tips when setting mirror in bedroom:

1. Avoid big mirror
The bigger a mirror is, the stronger the Yin character of the mirror is.

2. Mirror face should not be visible to the persons lying in the bed
The mirror image of man can make man upset, escpeically at night, because human are alert with moving things. It is not unusal that man is scared by his own mirror image when he suddently sees it in darkness.

3. Mirror should not face the door of the bedroom
The door of the bedroom is an passageway of wealth luck. If a mirror faces the door, the wealth luck will be blocked by the mirror.

4. Mirror should not face a toilet door
If a mirror faces the door of a toilet, the relationship between the couple using the bedroom becomes worse and worse.

5. Mirror should not face a desk
The persons using the desk get distraction problems, if a mirror faces the desk.

6. Mirror should not be put on a wealth location
Wealth luck and mirror are not compatiable to each other. If a mirror is put on a wealth location, the wealth luck will be expeled.

The suggested locations for placing mirror in bedroom
1. The best places to mirror in bedroom are the insides of the doors of the wardrobes. On these locations, the impaction of the Yin character of mirror to people is defused.

2. Beside the door of the bedroom
This is a compatiable location of mirror with wealth luck in bedroom.