Feng Shui bells

Copper bells are popular Feng Shui items in China. They were originally used in temples as symbols of peace, solemn and good luck. Gradually people started to use them as auspicious items for protecting their homes. In Feng Shui subject, copper bells are used to defuse evil energy. They are especially good at surpressing "Five yellow evilness", which is a strong evilness damaging the effection of good home Feng Shui. "Five yellow evilness" is produced by time. Every household can get it depending on the relationship between the five-characters of time and the house/apartment. Copper bells hung on the front door can protect the households from the damaging effection of "Five yellow evilness".

Feng Shui bells are usual Feng Shui items. It is very easy to buy them from market. The five-character of "Five yellow evilness" is soil. According to the restriction and promotion rules of five-elements, metal offsets soil. Therefore, copper bells can defuse "Five yellow evilness". In addition, the forms of the bells help to buffer evil energy. The sounds of cropper bells are pleasant and can help to relax nerves and calm man. These are the theoretic base to that copper bells become Feng Shui items.