Feng Shui candles

In Fengshui lightened candles represent positive energy. Their five-characters are fire. When used in dark and moist environments, they bring warm and comfortable feeling to people. Staring a lightened candle when man meditates, man becomes more positive. This action improves ideation and creativity.

Lightened candles are used also to create romantic atmosphere. Human have already kept the tradition for a very long history. According to Fengshui, the theory behind is that the positive energy of lightened candles improves the communication ability of the persons in the environments, and increase the desire of the persons to contacting with others. For couples and the persons who want to improve their peach blossom lucks, it is a very good idea to use lightened candles or the decorations with the figures of lightened candles at home. This function of the candles is enforced if sandalwood incenses are burnt at the same time.

The proper locations for lightened candles are the east, southeast, south, southwest, middle and northeast of a home.