Feng Shui dragon placement tips

Dragon is the most auspicious figure for Chinese. Fengshui dragons are widely used by Chinese to defuse evil lucks and disasters. Man should follow certain Fengshui rules when placing Fengshui dragon at home.

1. Putting Fengshui dragon together with water
Dragons thrives with water. Man should put Fengshui dragon nearby water. The best place at home is on the left or right side of an aquarium.

2. Facing a water body
If there is river, sea, lake or other water body outside home, the Fengshui dragon should face the water body except the water is dirty.

3. Putting in the north
North represents water. Putting a dragon in north promotes the dragon.

4. Putting in the blue dragon position
According to the rule of "Blue dragon on the left, White tiger on the right", a Fengshui dragon should be put on the left side of the place where man sit often.

5. Not facing a bedroom
Dragons are auspicious. On another side, they are also quite firce. If a dragon faces a bedroom, the energy it brings can disturb the persons using the bedroom.

6. Too big
Water means wealth luck in Fengshui. If the dragon beside water is too big, the wealth luck is consumed. The Fengshui dragon beside an aquarium should not be conspicious comparing with the aquarium.