Feng Shui for dinner room

In Feng Shui, the digistive system represents wealth luck of man. Dinner room is the eating environment which impacts imperceptibly the digestive system. According to Feng Shui, we should choose the location and layout of dinner room according to its' five-character. In addition, we should also consider the impaction of energy entrance and exit to the  dinner room. Proper surrouding environment to a dinner room decides wether dinner room is still enough, light enough, clean enough, etc.

None environment is completely still. Energy flows all time. The relationships between dinner room and other auspicious and inauspicious locations are also dynamic. It is not enough that we master the rules Feng Shui professional have summarized in the past several thousands of years. Feng Shui professional always provide information about the decisive factors which cause the most important changes in time. We should additionally get the information about the changing factors and adjust Feng Shui correspondently in time.

Dinner room is a wealth location at home. All wealth locations at home are interrelated. If one wealth location thrives, it can bring positive impactions to other wealth locations; if one wealth location declines, it can bring negative impactions to other wealth locations. Comparing with other wealth locations at home, dinner room weights highly. Therefore, Feng Shui in our dinner rooms are very important for us.