Feng Shui items for home

In the long history, Chinese found many Feng Shui items which could bring good lucks to people or could protect people from disasters. People either bring the Feng Shui items with themselves, or put them on certain places depending on the nature and function of the Feng Shui items. Whatever a Feng Shui item is, it is generally made by subtly processing, so that it has also certain decoration function. This makes Feng Shui items even more popular among people. The material of Feng Shui items can be cheap or expensive. Both rich and poor people can find the suitable Feng Shui items to themselves. So, it has been a long tradition for Chinese to use Feng Shui items in daily life.

In fact, except the conventional Feng Shui items, anything can be used as Feng Shui item depending on how it is used. It is normal that Feng Shui professional use usual things to adjust Feng Shui. Anything has Feng Shui function, so anything can be Feng Shui item.

Let's see what the most usual Feng Shui items for home:

Plant Feng Shui
Feng Shui flowers
Feng Shui aquarium
Feng Shui animals
Conventional Feng Shui items