Feng Shui rules of home office

Fengshui of home office is as important as Fengshui of any other kind of offices. What should we pay attention when we design Fengshui of home offices?

1. Big enough
The space of a home office is connected to the development space of career. Small or crowd offices represent small career spaces. However, it is not that the bigger a home office is, the better career development is. If the home office is too big, it is easy for the office users to feel lonely and desolate.

2. Light enough
An office should be light, otherwise it is easy that the office users become depressive. In contrast, if the office is light enough, the office users become energic and positive. However, too much light has also health danger.

3. Seats face directly opposite to doors or there are no dependences behind the seats
With either of the two Feng Shui, the persons using the seats can get concentration and anxiety problems. Their working performances must be affected negatively. Naturally, these Feng Shui are also health dangerous. On another side, dependence behind office seat represents career dependence. The solider the dependence is, the better it is for the career development. Wall is the best dependence to a office seat.

4. No white tiger evilness
Outside of the office if there are higher things on the right, the office gets "white tiger evilness", which causes endless troubles to the career developments of the office users.

5. Various "confronting"
Confronting is a Feng Shui taboo. The most usual confrontings to a home office are the roach back of a road facing the office, sharp things pointing to the office, and the window of the office facing rightly another window or door in short distance. In most cases, man can defuse the "confronting" with screening. For instance, using curtains to screen the window of the office.

6. No very high building
If the office is close to a very high building, and the building is visible to the office, the office users can be very surpressive. This Fengshui should be avoided.