Feng Shui taboos of bed direction

Bed is not only the place we rest on, but also a place bringing much impaction to our lucks. It is well known in China that wrong bed placement can cause various bad lucks to a family. Check if you have violated the following bed taboos.

1. Bed should be placed against a wall
The bed head should be placed against a wall, otherwise the bed user can't get high achievement whatever he does. The persons taking education must especially take serious of the taboo.

2. Bed should not face a door or window
If a bed faces a door or window, the bed user can get bad health luck. On another side, it is also not handsome if a bed is visible from a door.

3. Bed should be placed on an auspicious location
There are auspicious and inauspicious locations in any room. The bed should be placed in an auspicious location. Man should choose the most proper location according to what kind of luck the bed user wants to promote.

4. Bed head should not be placed in the west direction
If the bed head is placed in the direction, the bed user can get sickness in head. The reason is that earth rotation can cause congestion in head and ears.

5. Bed should not under a beam
Beam represents block, pressure, difficulty, etc. in Feng Shui. If there is a beam over the bed, the bed user can't exploit his full potencial. He must meet many troubles whatever he does.