Feng Shui water feature

Water can represent wealth according to Feng Shui. However, water is Yin material. Therefore, it is easy that water brings bad luck to the household if it runs or is stored in wrong ways. When water is moving, it brings much energy. Thus the impaction of it is strong, whatever it is good or not. In indoors, it is generally wrong if there is a big amount of exposing water, because it is health dangerous. Even if the amount of the water is little, man should secure they are put in right ways. If man is not sure, it is better that man doesn't store water at home at all.

It is very delightful to have funtain, fish pool, waterfall, swimming pool, etc. in garden or courtyard. These things can also be good for Feng Shui depending on how it is located. Man must consider their Feng Shui functions when designing.