Fengshui directions of desk

The different directions to a desk have different Fengshui meanings. Man can improve his lucks by utilizing properly the auspicious directions. Let's see how man can decorate the auspicious directions to get better lucks:

1. The northwest to a desk is a noble person direction. Man should put potted plants on th direction. This Fengshui represents numberless noble persons. 

2. The southwest to a desk is a peach blossom direction. Man should put fresh flowers on the direction. Man should not put cuckoo, apricot or wisteria on peach blossom direction.

3. The southeast to a desk is a wealth direction. Man should put some money on the direction to improve his wealth luck.

4. The northeast to a desk is a culture prosperity direction. Man should put book or penholder on the direction to improve his education luck.

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