Fengshui requirements to desk

1. A desk should not be old or damaged. Otherwise, it is harmful to the futures of the desk users.
2. A desk should not be made of metal. Wood desk is best for the futures of the desk users.
3. A desk should not be under a beam or pendent lamp. Otherwise, it is not good for the career promotion and wealth lucks of the desk users.
4. There should not be window or door behind a desk. Otherwise, the desk users get concentration problems or are short of security feelings.
5. The desk of a boss or leader should not face a toilet door. Otherwise, the running of the enterprise will be full of troubles.
6. A desk should not be oblique. One side of the desk should depend against a wall. Otherwise, the career developments of the desk users are full of difficultites
7. The place behind any desk user should not be a passage, otherwise the person gets concentration problems and is short of security feeling.
8. A desk must get enough light. Natural light is better than artificial light.
9. The place behind a desk user must have a solid dependence, such as a wall, otherwise the person is short of support when working.
10. The desk of a boss, leader or financial worker must be concealed at certain degree to avoid his work exposed to other people.

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