Fengshui tips for desk decoration

The following are the most important principles to desk decoration.

1. A desk should be clean and neat.
A clean and neat desk makes the desk users feeling comfortable. In contrast, it is easy for the desk users to feel irritable and tired.

2. Small decorations
Man can put some small decorations on his desk. Man should choose the decorations helping to enforce positive mental state. Family pictures, inspirational words or pictures are the best choices.

3. No sharp metal decorations
The things in sharp forms and made of metal are Fengshui taboos. These things have fierce energy fields making people unconciously neverous and tired.

4. No withered plant
Plants as decoration represent vitality. If the plants are flourishing, the persons in the environment become prosperous. A withered plant should be thrown away immediately, otherwise it will impact negatively the fortunes of the persons in the environment.

5. No big Yin-stone
Stones are normally Yin material. They absorb continually Yang energy of the persons in the environment. However, you can change the energy field of a stone with colorful painting.

6. No vine plant
Vine plants are Yin material. They absorb your positive energy. You should instead choose the plants with green, broad and round leaves on your desk.

7. No white background
A big area in white on a desktop makes the desk users neverous and tired.

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