Fifteen basic taboos of mirror placement

1. Mirror faces the front door
If a mirror faces the front door, the wealth luck is blocked and other good lucks are reflected away.

2. Mirror faces the door of a toilet/bathroom
If a mirror faces the door of a toilet/bathroom, it is easy that the person in the toilet/bathroom is exposed to others. Exposing privacy is not good for the wealth lucks of the related persons.

3. Mirror faces a picture or statue of a God
Mirror represents "against". Mirror facing a God is profanity.

4. Mirror faces the door of a bathroom
Bathroom is very important for the lucks of the persons using the bedroom. Mirror facing the door of a bedroom blocks the good lucks, especially wealth luck, flowing into the bedroom.

5. Mirror faces a bed
Mirror facing a bedroom is not good for the psychological states of the persons using the bed. In addition, the mirror also blocks the good lucks flowing towards the bed.

6. Mirror in ceiling
Mirror in ceiling consumes the positive energy in the room, and is harmful to all kinds of lucks of the persons using the room.

7. Mirror in kitchen
The five-character of a kitchen is fire. The mirror amplifies the "fire" in the kitchen. This Fengshui can cause many conflicts, even violent cases, fire or other disasters, to the household.

8. Mirror faces a neighbour
Many people put a mirror on the outside wall over their front doors to block certain evil energy from their homes. However, this Fengshui is harmful to the neighbours whose front door are facing the mirrors, therefor will cause conflicts with the neighbours.

9. Mirror in a wealth location
This Fengshui reflects away wealth luck.

10. Mirror faces a desk
This Fengshui distracts the persons working beside the desk. If the persons are young students, the Fengshui can hurt seriously their futures.

11. Mirror in an evil location
Mirror in an evil location can amplify the evil energy in the house/apartment.

12. Mirror behind a sofa
It is a Fengshui taboo that man sits without solid dependence behind him. Mirror represents empty/fictitious room, therefore is not good for the persons sitting in the sofa.

13. Too many mirrors or a mirror is oblique
Mirror is Yin material. Too many mirrors can cause too much Yin energy in the house/apartment. Mirror must put parallely to a wall, otherwise the members of the household will get many unormal and negative experiences.

14. Mirror in a conspicuous place in living room
This Fengshui distracts the persons in the living room. In long term, it hurts the relationships between the household members.

15. Mirror faces mirror
Mirror facing mirror havocs energy balance in the house/apartment, and can cause many negative influences to the household.