Decoration taboos of living room

1, Too dark
Living room can store the energy which defuses the bad lucks. Darkness consumes the positive energy.

2. Obstructed
Man should not put too many things in a living room. If a living room is too crowd, it is not only inconvenient for man to move in it, but also damages the wealth luck of the household.

3. Wrong mirror
Mirror is Yin material and reflects energy. Wrong mirror placement has big impaction for the lucks of the household. Man should not put a mirror on the ceil, to face a door, to face a window, in a wealth position or behind a chair or sofa.

4. The doors are visible from the front door
A living room is usually connected to other rooms, terrace, garden, exit, etc. If the doors to other rooms, terrace and exit in the living room are visible from the front door of the house/apartment, the living room can't store wealth luck.

5. Decorated like restaurant, bar or other entertainment occasions
Such a living room is short of atmosphere of home, and is not good for the relationships between the family members.

6. Messy
Wealth luck likes clean and neat environment. If a living room is messy, it must be very difficult for the household members to make money, or the household members must often lose money for one or another reason.

7. Wrong placement of auspicious objects
Auspicious objects must be put on proper positions and in proper ways, otherwise they can't exploit their auspicious functions and can even cause negative lucks to the household.

8. Knife, sword or other things with fierce energy
Knives, swords and the things look fierce have fierce energy fields with them. They consume the positive energy in the living room.

9. Beam and arch
Beams and arches in a living room damage the harmonic view of a living room, and are not good for storing the positive energy which brings good lucks to the household.

10. Wrong colors
The color collocation in a living room must be harmonic. Creating a comfortable environment is the most basic Fengshui principle. In addition, the living rooms in different directions have different color rules. Only following the rules, man can exploit the good functions of other good Fengshui designs in his living room.

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