Feng Shui colors for bedroom

Colors have strong psychological suggestions. One example is that red can make people exciting and upset, while blue can make people still and depressive. The colors in a bedroom should favor to good sleeping and good mental state to the bedroom users.

The colors in a bed room should match each other well and create together a comfortable environment. The most suggested bedroom background colors are white, light yellow, pink or colloration of the mentioned colors.

The colors of the furnitures, decorations and bedclothes should match the background colors. The principle is that the whole environment in the bedroom must be harmonic. In addition, it is suggested that man make some changes to the colors of the articles in his bedroom according to the changes of seasons and fashion. This strategy is good for both physical and psychological health. According to the Yinyang theory, the Yin Yang energy relationship in air changes with season. Different colors have different energy fields, so man can adjust the Yinyang relationship in a room with colors. In summer, Yang energy in air is normally too strong, so green can make people feeling cool. In similiar, in winter man cau utilize warm colors to make his bedroom more comfortable. Using fashion elements in bedroom, however, enforces the connection between man and the secular life, and makes man more lively and energic.

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