Feng Shui kitchen colors

The five-character of kitchen is fire. When fire meets metal, it is good for wealth luck. White and similiar colors are metal, so you should use white or its' similiar colors as the main color in your kitchen if you want to have good wealth luck. The five-character water restricts fire. Black and dark blue are water, so you should not choose the colors for your kitchen.

You can use green and its' similiar colors for your wood kitchen cabinet. Wood promotes wood, and wood promotes fire. Fire is the natural character the kitchen should have. You can also choose red and its' similiar colors for the kitchen cabinet, because the five-character of red color is fire. Fire promotes fire. The original wood color is another good choice for kitchen cabinet, because the related five-character relationship is "wood promotes fire".

Kitchen presents wealth luck of the household, the wealth luck must not be restricted.

The color taboos for the kitchen cabinet:
1. Black, blue and grey
The five-character of the colors are water. Water restricts fire.

2. Yellow
The five-character of yellow color is soil. Fire promotes soil, but fire itself is comsumed.

When man chooses colors for the kitchen, except considering the taboos, man should also conside the color matching. A comfortable and beautiful environment is always the pursuing goal of Feng Shui.   
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