Feng Shui money frog

In Feng Shui, golden toad is a symbol of wealth. Many people believe that putting a golden toad at home can attract wealth to their families. In markets, it is easy to find gold toads sold as popular Feng Shui items.

Frogs are similiar with toads, so Chinese use also frogs as Feng Shui items to improve wealth luck. In ancient times, Feng Shui frogs were often used as containers to drained rain water from houses. In Feng Shui, collecting water is as same as collecting money. In the modern times, Chinese no longer build such containers. However, they often make funtains in frog forms. Putting a frog funtain in the middle of water means also "good wealth luck".

In addition, people put them at home or bring them with themselves, and believe that they can bring good wealth lucks to them.