Feng Shui tips for garage

Many families have their own garages, so information of garage Fengshui gets also many concern. The most impactive factors to garage Fengshui are direction, distance and color. Let's see what man should pay attention when man builds/choses a garage.

1. Long distance is bad
It is a Fengshui taboo that a garage is over 6 meters from the house/apartment, unless the house/apartment is very big.

2. The proper distance and direction
The proper distance between a garage and the house/apartment is 6 meter or less. Generally man should not locate a garage in east or southeast. However, if the distance is under 0.6 meters, any direction is Ok. Northeast, west, southwest and northwest are always the most auspicious directions to garages.

3. Not under a bedroom or an office
Garages are both noisy and quaky. They disturb the still and comfortable energy fields which bed rooms and offices should have, therefore it is not good for the health, career and wealth lucks of the room users if they are under bedrooms or offices.

4. White and light yellow are the best colors
The five-character of garage is fire. Red is a taboo color for garage. Man should use white or light yellow as the main color for his garage.