Feng Shui tips for kitchen

Kitchens have windows, water channels, sinks, fire, and are normally close to living rooms. Water channel, sink and living room play important roles to the wealth luck of a household, while Fengshui about fire and windows are important for the general luck of man. There can be too much Yang energy in a kitchen, and the five-character of oven is fire which is very related to conflict level which a family has. Through adjusting five-character match to get a harmonic inner environment in a kitchen is an important side of kitchen Fengshui, therefore man should choose carefully the colors, location, direction of oven in the kitchen. Kitchen Fengshui affects Fengshui of other rooms. So man should also pay enough attention to the forholds between a kitchen and other rooms. In addition, as an important entrance for outer energy and outlet of waste water, a kitchen requires a surrounding environment matching well.  

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