Feng Shui tips to improve personal charm

Personal charm is a resource man can get through acquired efforts. Except improving personal knowledge level, skills and personality, man can additionally utilize the following Fengshui tips to increase his personal charm:

1. Clothes in warm colors
People usually feel that the persons in warm colors are more easy to get close to. Man should put on clothes in warm colors if he wants to show that he is amiable and easy to approach.

2. Underwears compatible to personal five-character
Underwears touch man's body all time, therefore their Fengshui functions should not be ignored. Choosing underwears compatible to man's personal five-character helps to creat harmonic personal energy field. People tend to come close to the persons with harmonic energy fields.

3. Adjust mood
Good mood is another important factor to create harmonic energy field. In addition, man makes easily stupid decision when man is in bad mood. There are many methods to calm one down. Some examples are listening to light music, appreciating a beautiful flower, imaging a good thing, etc.

4. Have a personal cloth style
Following fashion means that man is probably lively. However, the persons with personalized cloth styles look more independent and strong-minded. On another side, it is a good way to show man's personal taste with personal cloth character.