Fengshui decoration taboos of bedroom

1. Bright colors
Bright colors make man exciting. Man should not have too much bright colors in the bedroom.

2. Too much/little light
Too much/little light makes man sick. A bedroom should have proper light and temperature.

3. Pendant lamp
Pendant lamps make man underconciously surpressive and anxious.

4. Metal decorations
Metal decorations are "cold materials", which are not suitable to the warm, gentle and peaceful atmosphere which a bedroom should have.

5. Vine plants
Vine plants are "Yin materials", which are normally not good for health and impact other lucks of the bedroom users.

6. Ferocious or majestic figures
Ferocious or majestic figures are not compatiable to the warm, gentle and peaceful atmosphere which a bedroom should have.

7. Adrupt collocation
Adrupt collocation creates uncomfortable feeling to the bedroom users, therefore should be avoided. Man should evalutate the relationships between the color, space using, form and the environment when man puts a decoration in a bedroom.

8. Wrong mirror placement
Mirror is "Yin material". There should not be big mirror or many mirrors in a bedroom. In addition, Mirror should not be too close to the body when man lies on the bed. The reflection of a mirror should not be visible to the bed users when they lie on the bed. Read more about mirror placement.

9. Terrace or French window
Either terrace or French window can absorb too much energy from the bedusers, therefore can be dangerous for health. Man can defuse the Fengshui by screening the terrace or windows with thick curtains.