Fengshui directions of bedroom

According to Fengshui professional, the windows in a bedroom should not be too big or on the east and west directions, because such Fengshui can cause "bloody disasters". Modern scientific explaination to this Fengshui rule is that the bedroom windows with over mentioned characters receive too much light and heat, so that disturb sleep and stimulate the nerves. In long term, such sleep environment make people impetuous and exciting. However, man can reduce the negative impaction of the bad Fengshui by screening the bedroom with proper curtains.

On another side, a bedroom should not be located in the places where it is not easy to receive sun lights. The hosts should use the biggest bedroom in the apartment/house. No any bedroom door should face a cloth closet in the bedroom. All clothes should be put in closets and cabins. A messy bedroom is not good for accumulating good lucks to the bedroom users.

In the modern apartments/houses, some bedrooms contain bathrooms. Although it is somehow convenient with such a design, however, the moisture in the bathrooms is harmful to health. In such a apartment/house, man should take some measurements to prevent the bedroom being too moist.

A bedroom door should not face a kitchen. This rule is to avoid that the air in the kitchen stimulates the sense organs of the bedroom users and disturbs their rest.

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