Fengshui directions of kitchen

The five-character of kitchen is fire. Too much fire in a house/apartment can cause health problems and increase the possibility of the household getting conflicts in itself or with other people. Choosing proper direction is an important strategy to diffuse the potencial disadvantages the five-character carries with.

1. The auspicious directions are east and southeast
The five-characters of these directions are wood. Wood promotes fire. On another side, in the Northern Hemisphere, kitchens on these two directions can get enough sunshine and avoid being too moist or cold.

2. West is both auspicious and inauspicious
The fire-character of west is metal. Metal restricts fire, therefore is good for kitchens. However, the direction can get strong afterglow and be uncomfortable for the users.

3. Other directions
The other directions are generally not good for kitchen. However, Fengshui professional can use the directions to collorate with other Fengshui designs. If a kitchen must be located in one of the directions, man should ask suggestions from Fengshui professional.

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