Fengshui taboos about kitchen location

Kitchen location is a wider concept than kitchen direction. Except kitchen direction, it includes contents about the relationship between the locations of kitchen and other constructions or function parts of a hourse/apartment. Let's see what the Fengshui taboos about kitchen location are.

1. On the center of a house/apartment
The center of a house/apartment is an auspicious location where should be kept as clean as possible all time. Kitchen is an outlet of waste water, and is often full of odour of oil or smoke. So kitchen should not be located on the center of a house/apartment.

2. Beside a toilet or bathroom
Kitchen is for making food. It is easy to create uncomfortable feeling if a kitchen is right beside a toilet and bathroom.

3. The door of a kitchen faces the door of a bedroom or living room
"Door facing door" is a "resistance Fengshui". It is one of the most important Fengshui taboos. In practice, the pollutants in a kitchen can easily spread to the bedroom or living room and are harmful to the health of the persons using the room.

4. No external window
A kitchen should have external window, because it should be convient to get fresh air to a kitchen. Another important reason is that a kitchen is a wealth location which should get enough lights. Enough natural light helps to keep a kichen dry and warm. This is important for health and wealth lucks of the household.

5. Other "resistance Fengshui"
Other "resistance Fengshui" mainly include: the kitchen window faces a window, the kitchen window faces a door of another house/apartment, and the kitchen window faces the archback of a road.

6. In south or southwest direction
The two directions are the two inauspicious directions which any kitchen should avoid.

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