Fengshui tips of storeroom

The houses in the old days had always storerooms. Today, to utilize space as much as possible, many housing developers cut off storerooms when they design apartments/houses. However, if utilized properly, storerooms have also positive Fengshui functions. Let's see what the most important Fengshui functions of storerooms are.

1. Make home neat
Every family has somethings which are used often but are necessary to be kept. These things can take much space. In living rooms, bedrooms, offices, gamerooms, etc. man should only put the things man need to have often to keep the rooms as neat as possible. Putting the things in storerooms helps to keep home neat. On another side, in a storeroom man can pile up things. This way improves practically the space utilization efficiency in whole the house/apartment.

2. Utilize the inauspicious locations
There are both auspicious and inauspicious locations in any house/apartment. Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens should take the auspicious locations. Locating storerooms on the inauspicious locations man can save the auspicious locations to other rooms.

3. Adjust Fengshui
Anything can play important roles in Fengshui adjusting. Storerooms have big potencial on adjusting Fengshui. Utilized properly, a storeroom can be a precious resource to create good home Fengshui.