Living room decoration tips to improve lucks

1. Put auspicious pictures in living room
Man can put auspicious pictures in a living room. The pictures with auspicious meanings are normally auspicious. The pictures of beautiful peonies, pines, cranes, ume blossoms are some examples. These pictures are pleasant and good for mental states of the people in the living room. However, too many is equal to too little. Too many such pictures produce surpressive feeling. A living room should look neat and comfortable.

2. Put fresh flowers or green plants in a living room
Fresh flowers and green plants symbolize vitality, and create a pleasant view. Man can put fresh flowers and green plants in living room to enforce the general luck of the household. Putting green plants on wealth positions in a living room is especially good for improving the wealth lucks of the household members. However, it is a Fengshui taboo to put fake flower or throny plants at home.

3. Put lamps on corner tables in living room
Light in living room is auspicious if it is not too strong. Corners are naturally darker. In Fengshui, darkness is a Yin and negative factor. Dark corners in living room can damage good living room Fengshui. Putting lights on the corners converse them into auspicious positions. It is good for improving the general luck, especially the wealth luck, of the household.

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