Bamboo Feng Shui

Bamboos like warm and moist environments. In southern China, they are popular plants in home gardens. There are both cultural and Fengshui reasons to that Chinese like bamboos.

In Chinese culture, Bamboos are one of the four plant-gentlemens. Bamboos symbolize elegence and modest. Chinese think the two characters are among the ideal characters of a gentleman. Chinese have the tradition of expressing interest with material. Planting bambtoos in home garden expresses that the host praises highly the characters bamboos symbolizing. 

On another side, according to Fengshui bamboos have the functions of attracting wealth and blocking evil energy. If a house/apartment faces an inauspicious object, planting some bamboos between it  and the inauspicious object can be a good way to diffuse the bad Fengshui.

However, bamboos bring much moisture. Man should not plant too many bamboos around/beside his home. Otherwise the apartment/house can accumulate too much Yin energy and bad lucks.