Feng Shui and astrology

Astrology is often taken in consideration when evaluating Fengshui. According to Chinese five-character thoery, the five-character of man is decided by his birthtime. It is ideal if the five-characters of all the things and persons in a certain environment are compatible to each other. However, the envrionment around us is complicate, so it is always necessary to evaluate comprehensively the impaction of the surrounding environment to us. Naturally it can happen that the relationship between man's five-character and the five-character of a certain thing is not important in a Fengshui evaluation. However, in very many cases it is important. One of the most common example is that man should not decorate a room with animal figures whose five-character restrain the five-characters of room users. Let's learn when and how we should conside about astrology in Fengshui application.

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