Feng Shui money tree

Money trees are called as Zambioculas zamiifolia in Latin. They have everygreen, thick and full leaves. Their leaves can improve air quality. Their vibrant outlooking is pleasant and has the function to uplift spirit. Therefore, money trees are Fengshui plants. In addition, Fengshui professional believe that money trees are especially good for improving wealth luck.

According to Fengshui, money trees should be put in the following locations:

1. Office
Money trees in offices not only are good for health, but also can efficiently improve the career lucks and wealth lucks of the office users. For those who have ambitions on career development, it is suggested to putting money trees in their offices.

2. Wealth locations at home
Wealth locations have enough light and proper temperature, so wealth locations are good for the health of money trees. On another side, money trees can exploit the function of wealth locations on improving wealth luck . Therefore they can improve the wealth luck of the household.

3. Terrace or home garden
Terraces and home gardens are the places which can take in efficiently positive energy to the household. Money trees can store much positive energy. Therefore, terraces and home gardens are good places to put money trees.

It is worthy to mention: wherever a money tree is put, it is important to keep it healthy and beautiful, because a sick or scathed money tree can cause bad Fengshui.