Feng Shui products for wealth

Most people dream to be rich. However, different personal abilities, skills and fates make different wealth lucks. According to Fengshui, fate is changeable and Fengshui is a way to change fate. Fengshui professional have found many methods to change wealth luck. In this article, I introduce how to use the following two daily products to improve wealth luck.

1. Stample
Stamples symbolize generally power and identity. However, in Fengshui stamples are a kind of tool which accumulates wealth lucks in different directions. According to Fengshui, if man often uses his stample, or put the stample in safe case when he doesn't use it, his wealth luck becomes better and better. Safe cases have the function to accumulating wealth luck. Putting a personal stample in a safecase, the stample and safe case promote each other's function on accumulating wealth luck.

2. Mirror
Mirrors can either hurt or improve man's wealth luck depending on how to place them. There are some taboos about placing mirror. Man should not violate the taboos. On another side, if mirror is placed in a dinner room and can reflect the food on the dining-table, the wealth luck of the household will be improved. If mirror is placed beside cashingmachine, the wealth luck of the enterprise will be improved.