Three Feng Shui tips for the apartments of the old

The old are comparatively weak. Many of them are also very lonely. However, they can compensate the disadvantages at certain degree with their living environments.

1. Enough light
Yang Qi (energy) is the key to get longevity. Lights supplement Yang Qi to the body. Therefore, it is important to live in  apartment having enough lights. Being active in daytime is also a good way to get Yang Qi.

2. Not too high
It is easier to escape when a disaster happens, if man lives in a lower floor. On another side, the higher the floor is, the more critical the elevator is to the old. When the elevator doesn't work, the old living on higher floors get many troubles.

3. Planting vital plants
Plants produce fresh air and decorate environment. Taking care of plants is an healthy and positive activity. In addition, vital plants give positive psychological hints. So it is smart to have vital plants at home. However, man should not have too many plants indoor, because the plants increase air moisture and can be harmful to health.