How to keep Fengshui items

Many people wear Feng Shui items or put them at home and hope that the Fengshui items protect them or bring good lucks to them. Most of the persons believe that the Fengshui items have the expected Fengshui functions. Belief itself is a kind of energy which can arouse and enforce the Fengshui functions of the Fengshui items. However, man should additionally take care of the two following things to exploit abundantly the related Fengshui functions:

1. Right locations
Fengshui items must be put in certain places. For instance, lions must be put beside front doors or in entrances. If you put the lions in other places, they are not able to protect the homes. Even worse they can hurt the general lucks of the households. Man should know well where a Fengshui item should be put before he/she uses it.

2. Keep clean
A Fengshui item must be clean, because dirts shade Fengshui functions. Fengshui items made of metal or expensive wood need to be cleaned professionally. Fengshui items made of usual materials can be cleaned by usual ways. Fengshui Pixiu should be put in salt water for some hours after cleaned. 

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