Which floor has the best Feng Shui ?

Many think that the higher the apartment floor is, the better it is for health. They think that the air qualities are better and there are less noises, better views, etc on the higher floors. In fact, the researchings have shown that the air quality is worse when the floor height is over 30 meters from the ground, because there is more CO2 and less O2 in the air. In addition, it is easy to feel unsafe when man lives in an apartment on a high floor. When a disaster happens, it is always rather difficult for those on very high floors to get helps to escape. However, it is true that people living in the lower floors can be more bothered by noises, dirts, exhaust and air moisture.

According to Fengshui experts, the best floors are 5 - 7 floors. Fengshui is a subject seeking Yin Yang balance for a certain environment. In practice, the Yin Yang balanced environments are the most comfortable and reasonable from the respects of feeling, outlooking and construction. Normally the 5th - 7th floors are most close to Yin Yang balance, compared with other floors.